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It is important with the changing technologies and growth within a Network, that you have a skilled team, ready to deploy, add, move and change-out equipment with speed and quality. Our Technical Services Staff provides all aspects of the Network Deployment to increase efficiency, control quality and assure that your schedules are met. From receiving inventory into a facility, to final optimization and integration, Alpine ensures that all quality procedures are satisfied, all assets are accounted for, and the work follows safe practices.

Our Network Infrastructure Experience covers:

  • UHF
  • VHF
  • M/W
  • F/O
  • LMR
  • GSM
  • TDMA
  • CDMA
  • IDEN
  • UMTS
  • LTE
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Max

Installation and Integration
Base Station Installations, Commissioning and Integration

To ensure the highest standards are met, Alpine Tower & Technology (Alpine) has developed it’s own internal Field Services department. Alpine personnel are all trained on proper safety techniques, and “Live Network Environment” procedures. Alpine can perform all activities necessary at any communications site. For basic “rack and stack” functions, our technicians will survey the room and review all requirements to ensure speedy deployment. Any additional supporting infrastructure can be completed with the same Field Team. D/C power connectivity, signaling
connections, and Telco facilities hook up are all standard offerings. Once the equipment is installed, Alpine technicians can complete all tuning and optimization activities. Our technicians can set parameters, IP addressing, and key equipment to ensure proper ERP settings are achieved, per customer documentation. Alpine Tower & Technology will then coordinate with the customer for final integration and turn-up of the site. Additionally, Alpine can support movement of live equipment, “Hot Slides”, when the network requires the addition of new equipment in an
already occupied location. casinos et jeux en ligne

D/C Power Installations

Alpine has the expertise to design, install, test, augment and maintain your D/C power plant.. Our power supply experts have been involved in numerous carrier’s DC power systems from cell sites to switches and hubs. Our DC technicians are trained in Hazmat Handling techniques and processes. We can handle every aspect of your DC power supply needs.

  • D/C Design Requirement & Site Surveys
  • New Site Installs
  • Site Growth Augments and Upgrades
  • D/C Plant Optimization
  • Rip Outs & Disposal (Hazmat Handling)
  • Emergency Restoration & Monitoring

Alpine will review site drawings and perform a survey prior to installation. The Alpine team can complete any additional infrastructure requirements required. Our staff will install the D/C rectifier system and battery back-up. All D/C cabling will be completed from the rectifier to battery, and if required, from rectifier to equipment. Once all connections are completed the Alpine team will turn-up and optimize the D/C plant. This will include verifying all voltage levels, disconnect functionality, and alarming. Alpine can also support any growth requirements in the network. Additional breakers, distribution panels, and battery strings can be installed.

Antenna & Cable Installation, Test and Repair

Alpine Tower & Technology knows that your Wireless System is only as good as the Antenna System allows. Poor connections, tight radius turns, moisture, and bad grounding are just a few of the issues that can keep a very expensive system from performing properly. Alpine Tower and Technology has the staff and equipment necessary to install, test and repair your antenna system. From simple connector replacements and sweeps, to entire system installation or change-outs, Alpine can provide the expertise to get your Network performing as it was designed.

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